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SHIKI attained ISO9002 certified since 1997 and we achieved ISO9001 on January 2002 by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services.

SHIKI strive continuously to be recognized for Quality and Reliability and world-class manufacturer of self-adhesive labels. We have established and maintained procedures for high quality printing techniques which are capable of meeting the customers’ requirements.


SHIKI provides the best quality products and services to all customers for every business transaction.

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To achieve lot acceptance of 99.5% so as to deliver the good label/sticker to customer.


QC emphasize on 3 stages of inspection to ensure that our customer shall receive the labels according to their expectation.
  • Incoming (stage 1)
    All the raw material, film, artwork and ink received must be undergone by QC inspection by QA inspector and the results are recorded in the Incoming Inspection Report.
  • In-process (stage 2)
    Before each process starts, QA inspector shall make sure that the printer has set up the process according to the customer specification. During the printing process, QA inspector shall perform inspection hourly to ensure that all the labels printed are in consistent quality throughout the process. The inspection results are properly recorded and reviewed by QA Engineer. The sampling plan used for inspection is ANSI Single Sampling Plan ASQC Z1.4 S3 15%.
  • Outgoing (stage 3)
    None of the labels shall deliver to customer before outgoing inspection by QA inspectors. 100% inspection shall be carried out for serial number label to ensure that all the serial numbers are in order. All the labels shall pack properly and identify for traceability.

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